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Lucart S.p.A. is very careful about the privacy of navigators of its own web sites. Navigation of Lucart S.p.A. web site is free and does not request any personal data communication. Cookies or permanent sessions are not registered so as not to identify the user. The only data that is kept is that of the IP address according to type of browser used, the time and navigated pages which are available from the web server file logs. This data is used to generate site consultation statistics and Lucart S.p.A. cannot associate it to the user name or other personal data.

The personal data assignment on behalf of the navigators of Lucartgroup.it site is requested in only 2 cases:
1.when request for information to Lucart S.p.A. with the relative contact form is sent;
2.when registration in the reserved area Lucartgroup.it, is carried out by the user and after a check on behalf of Lucart S.p.A..
In these cases the user is requested to read the following directive and the consent to the processing of personal data according to art. 13 of legislative decree no. 196 - 30 June 2003:

a)non-sensitive personal data supplied in the "Lucart S.p.A." web site will be used for the carrying out of the relative service requested (access to reserved area, information request with "contacts" form) and will not be handed over to a third party; the data supplied here will be processed by Lucart S.p.A. in Via Ciarpi, 77 - 55016 Porcari (LU); the assignment of the data is necessary for the carrying out of the service requested;

b)the assignment of the necessary data for the carrying out of the service requested is compulsory and an eventual refusal to supply them will make it impossible to carry out the requested activities;

c)subject to collection of necessary data for the carrying out of the service, requested the user can give consent for Lucart S.p.A. to send emails and newsletters which contain commercial information, more details and news on the products, activities, brands and companies of Lucart S.p.A.; this consent is not compulsory and if not given will not prevent the carrying out of the service requested;

d) the data can be collected by the Lucart S.p.A. and a third party only if authorised for this activity.

With regards to the processing of this data the web user, according to sect. 7 of Leg. D. 196/03, has the right to obtain from Lucart S.p.A.:

a)the confirmation of existing personal data and communication, in an intelligible form, of such data and origin together with the logic on which the processing is based;

b)the erasure, anonymization or blocking of data that have been processed unlawfully;

c)the updating, correction or where wanted, the integration of data.

The web user has also the right to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing of personal data.

Data controller:
Marco Baroni
Lucart S.p.A.
Via Ciarpi, 77
I 55016 Porcari - Lucca

Tel. 0583.2140
Fax. 0583.299051

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